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Top 3 Cars of 2017 in Hatchback Segment


1. Peugeot 108
The result of a collaboration agreement between PSA and Toyota, the Peugeot 108 hit the market in 2017. This is a segment A model that provides the necessary versatility to move around towns without sacrificing the uniqueness of the various personalization options the counts. Small and efficient engines are the other big bet for your little Peugeot supermini.

Powertrains: from 69 to 82 hp

Trunk: 227 liters

Price: from 10,400 USD


2. Skoda Fabia

Directly from the bowels of the Volkswagen Group we reach us Skoda Fabia , a young and urban model that focuses on price as a major advantage. We found two different bodies in five – door and wagon Combi, awaiting the arrival of the RS variant, and has three – cylinder turbo engines and atmospheric, as well as an efficient TDI diesel with 105 hp.

Powertrains: from 60 to 110 HP

Porter: from 330 to 530 liters (Fabia Combi)

Price: from 12,120 USD


3. Hyundai i30
It remains one of the most interesting bets compact C – segment vehicles, one of the best sellers in Spain. This year 2015 underwent a slight restyling also saw the birth of the Turbo Hyundai i30 variant . The trim levels are their main asset to be noticed in the market and we have three body variants and five doors, as well as a family.

Powertrains: from 100 to 186 hp

Porter: from 378 to 528 liters

Price: from 12,200 USD


The best of Opel


More than 50 years ago began the success story of this Opel, just as the first Opel Kadett A Caravan left the production line towards dealers. From then until today, Opel has produced 5.4 million compact station-wagon along ten different generations. The latest comes to retail outlets from April and will be available from 17,190 euros. We already have been able to drive this new Astra – certainly the most practical – along which is supposedly the world’s most beautiful road, the N-222 from Portugal.

As with the hatchback, the new family has a large weight savings as a whole. Depending on the engine and trim level, the saving is in the best of up to 190 kilos . This Sports Tourer incorporates the same new aesthetic and practical level, including a better use of space (very long with 4.75 meters long ) which results in a better habitability in the rear row of seats and a luggage compartment much more capable .

Comfort above all
For product managers of Opel, both comfort and driving pleasure are absolute priorities tuning. Thus, the addition of high quality extras was something almost mandatory when configuring the vehicle. For example, in the new range there as massage optional for driver’s seat, which is necessarily linked to the upper pack including leather upholstery, etc. In the row of rear seats, and earned free legroom, occupants have optional heated seats. If we still greater convenience we can buy another pack that includes sport front seats with AGR certification, leather and heating both the front and rear (2,182 euros).

Presenting 2017 Model Mercedes Benz


When it comes to the segment of high end luxury cars the one that strikes in everyone’s mind is the Mercedes Benz and there is no doubt that they are dream car manufacturers of the century. They launch a new luxury car every year to live up to the increasing expectations of their customers and the market demands. They had launched a new model of 2017 Mercedes Benz E Class Sedan and presented it in the International motor show at Geneva.

The new sedan was a replacement version of the E Class and coupe. It seemed the car has been designed aerodynamically square for a better fuel efficiency. It has been designed more differently than the previous cars of this model range and had a cut through chisel tipped nose at the front with good looking lines flowing at the sides. This version seems to be the best of all E Class models.