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Do I buy a commercial vehicle or a particular personal vehicle?


Do you already have a vehicle in mind? It is time then to take the next step and answer if you prefer to buy it from a professional dealer or an individual. However, before making a decision should analyze the legal differences between the two possibilities. Buy a professional clearly represents the recommended option if you are looking to make a purchase and guaranteed quality.

For example, if you choose to purchase your vehicle to a professional marketer there are many chances that an expert has previously checked the condition of the vehicle and even has been repaired by skilled mechanics and updated in maintenance. In addition, the professional seller is required to meet at least one year with a guarantee on used vehicles. This is independent of the original vehicle warranty (also read our legal advice), which is an offer made by the manufacturer on its new vehicles and can never be less than 2 years. In some cases they reach up to 7 years duration.

Increased security for the buyer
However, after the purchase of a vehicle to a professional deficiencies or breakdowns may occur. If this occurs within six months after the purchase, it is understood that the fault already existed before the sale made and, therefore, is considered the seller as solely responsible unless it can prove otherwise, it is say, that failure was caused by misuse. Therefore, we are facing another situation where you buy a professional can support us when possible complications.

VAT or transfer tax
However, you should be aware that there are major differences when it comes to pay tax on the purchase of a vehicle as individuals or companies / professionals. In the first case, it would be to apply the transfer tax (at a rate of 4%), while in the second case the VAT would apply (currently set at 21%). Although VAT can be declared as a deductible expense, it is normal that the higher the value of vehicle sales increased economic advantage occurs in favor of buying private.

Buy a particular
You may get better prices if you choose to buy a particular but unfortunately lost many rights as a consumer. Is common even in private contracts have a clause that the total elimination of warranty specified. In this case, the seller is responsible if he made specific promises of guarantee or shows evidence of deception. If the seller is aware of some deficiency (eg as a result of an accident in the past) he will be obliged to highlight to the purchaser. Whatever your decision, professional or personal, we recommend requiring the Directorate General of Traffic (yourself or through an agency) detailed in the report to verify that the vehicle has no charges or levies from previous owners . This will save future problems and give legal certainty when making the vehicle transmission.